Wednesday, April 30, 2008

T-Bar Heels and Puffed Skirt

I'm so in love with those shoes right now - I can't stop looking at them!

Also, I just realized that cream, brown and purple complement each other well.

Knee-High Socks with Heels


This is how I would wear gladiator sandals.

How to wear plaid when you're very afraid of it

I'm not a very big fan of plaid, but this is my take on the trend.

Untitled #4

I hated the oversized shirt trend until I saw someone wearing it today, and she wore it just like this (except maybe the perfume).

Colored Skinnies #3

Aah, colored skinnies. For so long, you have baffled me. I remember trying on a pair of you last year; you came halfway up my butt. I see your appeal now.

Colored Skinnies #2

Colored Skinnies #1

Untitled #3

The Intern

Untitled #2

Inspired by a picture of Blake Lively I saw that day.

Once I Caught a Fish Alive

You're late for a jeans-and-tee party (:P) so you grab the first thing hanging in your wardrobe and go. Which one will you probably be wearing?

Picnic by the River

By the Pool

Traveling #3

The background is a map of the London Underground.

The Devil Wears...

... some Prada!

Study Group

Casually Playful Trenchcoat

Afternoon Class

I'm a student, okay? Starbucks flows through my veins.

Elegantly Formal Trenchcoat

I kind of hate the second one.

Classic Chic Trenchcoat

Omiru was one of the first few blogs that I read religiously, and when I saw this post, I knew I had to try it out. The first set is using the formula given in their post, and the second is my take on it, drowning in accessories


Untitled #1

Someone described this as "Promotions Director". I started this off with the blouse and the laptop bag, intending for it to be Geeky Chic, and then it turned out like this.

Traveling #2

Garden Tea Party

Traveling #1

Picnic at the park

Tequila Sunrise

Double Take

1 pair of jeans
2 dorothy perkins tops
2 fendi bags
2 charm necklaces

Nautical or Schoolgirl?

This dress is so sweet that I had to give it two looks. Anyone who knows me will know how obsessive I am about sun protection, hence the Banana Boat.

Grey/Silver or Purple?

This Vivienne Westwood dress is so plain, yet I find it quietly glamorous that I didn't want to do an all grey outfit. For the left side, I matched the dress with the shoes, then blinged up the accessories. On the right, the purple heels were to add some color and the evening bag complements both the dress and the shoes.

Teal or Black?

Day or Night?

The day look is on the left and the night look is on the right. I didn't want to restrict the use of yellow for the day look only, so I mixed things around a little.

Silver or Mint Green

Tuesday, April 29, 2008