Sunday, May 4, 2008

Me in real life

This is not a serious set. This is a true to life representation of myself, fashion-wise. Being a scientist (I'm actually coming to terms with calling myself now), I can't get up in a cute skirt and gladiator heels no matter how much I want to. On the bottom-right of this set, there are two things that are always in my bag: L'Occitane hand cream and deodorant. Hand cream because I have to wash my hands a squillion times a day and deodorant because, well, staying within a 6 inch radius of the Bunsen burner while wearing a lab coat isn't what you would call "cool".

My point is that I don't really know much about fashion and style, which is what this blog is really about - it's a learning experience for me.

While looking around Polyvore for labcoats, I found this set:

I'm not a doctor, but I find this set hilarious! I love how our lab coats are so mysterious - what are we not wearing underneath hmm?

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